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It was truly like a miracle

I found Renna after 20 years of suffering with a painful autoimmune disease. I had an allergic reaction to most foods and was down to only 5 foods that I tolerated. Even those 5 foods I had difficulty digesting. Western medicine was unable to provide anything to help me. The drugs that they had were of very little usefulness for my condition and had terrible long term side effects. Then Renna introduced me to energy medicine and the highly effective technique of NAET. Her approach is all natural. No pharmaceuticals, no injections. She helps your body to heal itself. After a few sessions I was able to eat everything and the terrible pain that I had endured in my gut for 20 years was gone. It was truly like a miracle. She gave me my life back. Since that time she has helped me with many other issues. I have come to find out that she can successfully treat a myriad of physical and emotional issues. Many times I have walked into her office feeling terrible and walked out feeling completely well in one 20 minute session. I have recommended her to many friends and all have had excellent experiences. Renna completely changed my life for the better. She is extremely knowledgeable and very competent. I highly recommend her.


– Jane L.•January 26, 2021•Verified Client

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