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I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Dear Renna, You are one in a million!! My mother passed away in January ’04 and I was experiencing intense feelings of loss, sadness and unable to work. After a few treatments with you I began to feel as if a “weight was lifted off of my body”. I am still sad but I am able to cope. I thank

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It was truly like a miracle

I found Renna after 20 years of suffering with a painful autoimmune disease. I had an allergic reaction to most foods and was down to only 5 foods that I tolerated. Even those 5 foods I had difficulty digesting. Western medicine was unable to provide anything to help me. The drugs that they had were of very little usefulness for

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You will not find a better practitioner of Eastern and Western medicine

Simply put she just gets it. If you’re searching for answers for something your doctor can’t solve….see Renna! If you are searching for overall generalized wellness…see Renna! If you are searching for a cure to your chronic pain or allergies…see Renna! This woman is legit and you won’t be disappointed.


– Ruth J•January 22, 2021•Verified Client

The best of East and West medicine

I hate needles so much that I passed out when I got my ears pierced! But, acupuncture needles are nothing, especially considering the instant and ongoing relief. Renna is great because not only is she compassionate, professional and fun to work with, being an RN, she truly combines the best of East and West medicine.


– Dr. Nancy B.

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